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Although one of the smallest islands of the Cyclades complex, Mykonos is definitely the most famous, thanks to its treasure of natural beauty, rich history, cosmopolitan character combined with a wild nightlife, as well as plenty of local color. A dry, arid island, it is covering an area of barely 90 square kilometers and it is situated in the middle of the Aegean, about 94 nautical miles from Piraeus port.

The island's landscape is a symphony of blazing bare rock, blinding white peasant architecture and, in contrast to its small size, numerous lacy stretches of the most beautiful sandy beaches, all these accentuated by the wonderful Mediterranean light and set against the deep blue background of the Aegean.

Today it is estimated that the population amounts to 11.000 people (4,000 are foreign residents), who have a reputation of being friendly, tolerant to the island's wild lifestyle, and very adaptable to changes.

Mykonos owes its name to the son of the King of Delos.

According to the mythology, Hercules, in one of his twelve tasks, killed the Giants and threw them into the sea where they petrified and turned into huge rocks, forming the island of Mykonos.

During ancient times, Mykonos, due to its proximity to Delos, which was then highly populated, became very important as a supply island. The short 2-kilometer distance between the islands was frequently travelled, since religious rules specified that no one should be born or die on Delos.

Around the time of Alexander the Great the island became a commercial centre for agriculture and maritime trade.

More information can be found on wikipedia and the official website of the island

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Mykonos Hotels list

  • Amaryllis hotel mykonos

    Amaryllis Studios Mykonos

    Amaryllis beautiful studios & apartments in Mykonos are found in the peaceful suburb of Mykonos Town called "Glastros", out and about towards the broadly known beaches of Psarrou and Platis Gialos which are only 1 km. from the town of Mykonos and just 10 meters far from the closest transport stop, advantageously spotted for investigating effortlessly the brilliant sanded sunny shores of Mykonos, the cosmopolitan Mykonos Town and whatever remains of this enchantment cycladian island in Greece.

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  • Spanelis hotel mykonos

    Spanelis Hotel

    Spanelis Hotel is placed in Mykonos Town at the settlement of Tagoo which is only 500 meters far from Mykonos Town Center, a celebrated internationally location worshipped by everybody that has been to Mykonos Island, which is part of the Cyclades Islands, in Greece. Spanelis Hotel is an all-welcome and gay friendly hotel in Mykonos Town, comprised by 13 clean and completely outfitted rooms, with all fundamental hotel luxuries and facilities for unwinding and relaxation in Mykonos. Spanelis Hotel in Mykonos Town offers space for rent in Mykonos, working from May first to September 30th. The multilingual administration can go to your necessities and make your stay charming. Alongside Spanelis hotel in Tagoo, Mykonos, there is a swimming pool that can be utilized for your accommodation, if one beverage is requested at the bar, which is the ideal spot to end your night after a full day on the brilliant sanded shores of Mykonos, in Greece!

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  • Anastasios Sevasti hotel mykonos

    Anastasios Sevasti

    Deliberately spotted inside only a 5 min walk from Mykonos Town, whilst arranged in a perfect world on somewhat tranquil spot far from the clamoring swarms and commotion of Mykonos Town, Anastasios-Sevasti hotel in Mykonos Town, is a top decision hotel for settlement around Mykonos Town lodgings, as the lodging's visitors appreciate an advantaged area, clean rooms, free wi-fi, free parking on location and an extensive swimming pool, while settled only a short distance far from the primary sights and attractions of Mykonos Town, for example, Little Venice, the windmills and display centers, and in addition the celebrated internationally nightlife of Mykonos Town, shops and comfy café/bars and restaurants

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  • Mykonos Palace hotel mykonos

    Mykonos Palace Hotel

    Mykonos Palace Beach Hotel sits stunningly on the resplendent sanded beach of Platis Gialos. It has a monstrous perspective of the emerald gem waters of the stunning Aegean Sea. Comprising of a few Cycladic style whitewashed edifices with painted window screens, Mykonos Palace Beach Hotel copies an immaculate feeling of loose living on the island of Mykonos.

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  • paradision hotel mykonos

    Paradision Hotel

    Far-reachingly placed above Tourlos Bay where the new port of Mykonos is found and inside strolling separation from the tranquil and picturesque beach of Tourlos, Paradision lodging in Mykonos sits superbly on a stature of 80 meters on a slope, offering an amazing perspective of the Aegean Sea and Mykonos Town too, with a flawless foundation of Greek summer colors of blue and white with ships and great voyage dispatches, that all make together your ideal perspective throughout your stay at Paradision Hotel in Mykonos, which is acknowledged to be around the best view hotels in Mykonos, offering a tremendous ocean view towards the Aegean Sea and Mykonos Town, in Greece.

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  • Eva hotel mykonos

    Eva Hotel

    Sitting above the enchanted and grand cove of Ornos, only 250 meters far from the resplendent sands of Ornos sunny shore in Mykonos, Eva inn sits on an advantaged area with a surrounding, enormous perspective of the completely clear light blue waters of the Aegean Sea, preferably for a great and sentimental convenience around Mykonos Hotels close Mykonos Town and Ornos beach. Eva Hotel in Mykonos, offers to all lodging guests, clean and agreeable rooms with all cutting edge offices and conveniences, for example, roomy gallery with table and seats with a ravishing perspective of the ocean & Ornos sunny shore, free wi-fi, little cooler, safe store box, a/c, hairdryer, free washroom luxuries and private lavatory with bathtube. Besides, Eva inn offices incorporate 24h. gathering zone, entryway bar, television lounge, café/bar, pool bar for an agreeable convenience around Mykonos hotels. Staying in Eva lodging for summer occasions is a special knowledge of real greek friendliness.

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